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The Internet Journal of the International Plato Society


Robinson, Thomas M.

The Other Olympians.

Philosophers and Poets at the Ancient Greek Games.
2017. 352 S. 29,80 Euro. 15,5 x 22,5 cm. 978-3-89665-704-6.
(Academia Philosophical Studies Bd. 54)
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In The Other Olympians Thomas M. Robinson has dramatized the putative meeting of a series of notable philosophers, poets, dramatists, politicians, historians, and others at various Olympic Games held between the years 476 and 348 BCE. At these gatherings, held over three consecutive evenings, those imagined to be present leave the physical Games behind for a while, and engage in their own Olympics of the Mind.

To date the plays have been performed in a number of universities around the world (in China, Spain, the USA, Greece, Italy, Germany, Romania, Venezuela, Russia, and Brazil); two have been performed for private audiences in Canada; and three have been published (in Chinese) by Peking University Press.

Thomas M. Robinson is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Toronto. He has published widely in various areas of Greek Philosophy, two of his best known works being Plato's Psychology and his edition of Heraclitus.

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