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Sider, David.

The Fragments of Anaxagoras.

Second revised edition.
2005. 212 S. 34,50 Euro. 14,8 x 21 cm. Hardcover. 978-3-89665-293-5.
(International Pre-Platonic Studies Bd. 4)

Inhaltsverzeichnis/Table of content (PDF)

Prospekt (Druckversion/PDF) / Information leaflet (Print version/PDF)

This is a second edition of what has come to be regarded as the authoritative text of the B-fragments of Anaxagoras.

As before, the main purpose of this work has been to present an improved text and critical apparatus for the direct quotations attributed to Anaxagoras, based largely on a reexamination of the manuscripts of Simplicius' commentary on Aristotle's Physics. A detailed commentary accompanies the text.

For this edition, there has been some revision throughout and the bibliography has been extensively updated. Furthermore, there are now three additional sections in the Introduction: Diagrams, Style, and Allegory. In addition to the original index locorum there is now a general index and one of Anaxagoras' vocabulary.

David Sider is Professor of Classics at New York University.

Contents: Preface to the first edition – Preface to the second edition – Aids to the Reader – Chapter I: Introduction – 1. Biography & Chronology – 2. Anaxagoras' Works – a. Length – b. Diagrams – c. Number of Writings – 3. Dialect & Style – a. Dialect – b. Style – 4. The Order of the B Fragments – 5. Simplicius and the Transmission of Anaxagoras' Work – 6. The Text of Simplicius in Physica – 7. Allegory – Chapter II: ANAXAGORAE FRAGMENTA – Conspectus Siglorum – Fragments – Chapter III: Conclusion – Bibliography & Abbreviations – Indices – General Index – Index Locorum Potiorum – Index Verborum


... This second edition, no doubt, will serve for many years to come as a crucial research tool for scholars interested in Anaxagoras. The reader will profit greatly from consideration of Sider's erudite insights on a host of philological issues.

(John E. Sisko, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2005.11.13)


... Sider diligently sifts through ancient readings and commentaries as well as modern interpretations to provide a balanced view of the fragments and the theory they express. He is careful in his treatment of problems, thorough in his review of scholarship, and judicious in his interpretations ...

All in all this is a first-rate edition of the fragments of Anaxagoras. It sets a high standard of scholarship and can be used as the definitive edition of the philosopher ... And we can be grateful to Academia Verlag for making Sider's study available.

(Daniel W. Graham in Aestimatio 3 (2006)166–169)

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