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The Internet Journal of the International Plato Society


Sijakovic, Bogoljub.

Bibliographia Praesocratica.

A Bibliographical Guide to the Studies of Early Greek Philosophy in its Religious and Scientific Contexts with an Introductory Bibliography of Philosophy (over 8.500 Authors, 17.664 Entries from 1450 to 2000).
2004. 700 S. 75,00 Euro. 17 x 24 cm. Pb. 978-3-89665-310-9.
(Academia Philosophical Studies Bd. 18)

Bibliographia Praesocratica differs from others with respect to the approach adopted, the kind and the quantity of the material collected and in respect to the way it was organized.

This Bibliography encompasses a period spanning five and a half centuries (1450-2000), i. e. from the beginnings of typography until the present. It includes texts written in almost all the European languages and in some non-European languages. On a scale unusual in the West it takes into consideration literature on the subject written in Modern Greek as well as in the Slavic languages. The Bibliography contains 17,664 entries, which is evidence of its thematic comprehensiveness.


"Besonders begrüßenswert ist, daß Sijakovic die frühgriechischen Philosophen in den Kontext der Religion und Literatur ihrer Zeit stellt. (..) So ist ein äußerst zuverlässiges undnützliches Hilfsmittel entstanden, das mit Nachdruck empfohlen werden kann." Carl-Joachim Classen, Gnomon 75/4

"The material has been meticulously and (over-)systematically arranged, so access should not be a problem. (..) I do not doubt that this huge collection, the richest so far, will be quite useful." Jaap Mansfield, Phronesis 48/2

The topics range from myth and religion, covered exhaustively, and Orphism, presented rather extensively; Homer and Hesiod, covered selectively; theogonies and oriental influences scrutinized thoroughly; the Presocratic problems and concepts dealt with extensively and systematically (cosmology and natural philosophy, theology and ontology, history and historiography, anthropology and psychology, ethics and politics, aesthetics and poetics, logic and epistemology), whereas early Greek science and medicine are covered exhaustively; the Presocratics and their doctrines are presented very extensively, coupled with their reception and influence throughout the intellectual tradition ranging from Antiquity to Modern times (in several cases the living tradition was left uninterrupted even when it was overreaching the Presocratic framework: e. g. Plato and myth, the Platonic doctrine on the soul). Our Bibliography also includes an introductory bibliography on historiography and philosophy of the history of philosophy.

Judging by the amount of data and the number of entries this Bibliography surpasses, by far, all bibliographies of a similar kind. In addition, a large number of faulty and incomplete data found in other bibliographies has been rectified and now completed. Many data regarding new publications, or reprinted editions and publications representing collections of reprinted articles have been introduced. The rich material of this Bibliography was organized through 600 headings and subheadings. The division of this material was executed by means of combining three particular methods: the systematic, chronological and alphabetical. From the systematic point of view, the material was structured according to historical and topical categories, so as to render the subject index - redundant (this kind of index has practically been built into this Bibliography and the same function is assigned to many cross-references).

Bogoljub Sijakovic (*1955) is a Professor of Greek Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic (Serbia and Montenegro) at the University of Montenegro. He is an editor in chief (1992-) of the Journal for Philosophy and Sociology Luca and founding editor of the International Journal for Philosophy and Theology Philotheos (2001-). In the fall 2000 he became the minister for religious affairs in the Federal Government of Yugoslavia.

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Academia Philosophical Studies

49 · Périllié, Jean-Luc. Mystères socratiques et Traditions orales de l'eudémonisme dans les Dialogues de Platon.

47 · Hadot, Ilsetraut. Le néoplatonicien Simplicius à la lumière des recherches contemporaines.

46 · Boeckh, August. Encyclopédie et méthodologie des sciences philologiques. Édité, présenté et traduit par Marie-Dominique Richard.

45 · Pasquale, Gianluigi. Finding Reason in History.

44 · Lire les dialogues, mais lesquels et dans quel ordre ? Edited by Anne Balansard and Isabelle Koch.

43 · Finamore, John F.; Phillips, John. Literary, Philosophical, and Religious Studies in the Platonic Tradition. Edited by John F. Finamore and John Phillips.

42 · Zen'kovskij, Vasilij V. Russland und Europa. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Dietrich Kegler.

41 · Religion and Philosophy in the Platonic and Neoplatonic Traditions. Edited by Kevin Corrigan, John D. Turner and Peter Wakefield.

40 · Sembou, Evangelia. 'Midwifery' and Criticism in G.W.F. Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.

39 · Newton, Isaac. Mathematische Grundlagen der Naturphilosophie. 4. Auflage. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Ed Dellian.

38 · I diritti degli altri in Grecia e a Roma. Edited by Alberto Maffi and Lorenzo Gagliardi.

37 · Benedetto Croce und die Deutschen. Hrsg. von Giusi Furnari Luvarà und Santi Di Bella.

36 · Losskij, Nikolaj O. Der Charakter des russischen Volkes. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Dietrich Kegler.

35 · Dante Alighieri. Monarchie. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Thomas Vormbaum.

34 · Conversations Platonic and Neoplatonic: Intellect, Soul, and Nature. Edited by John F. Finamore and Robert M. Berchman.

33 · Mouraviev, Serge. Erkataguir ou Comment naquit l'alphabet arménien.

32 · Pasquale, Gianluigi. Beyond the End of History.

31 · Hendrix, John Shannon. Robert Grosseteste.

30 · Dante Alighieri. Über die Volkssprache. Übersetzt von Thomas Vormbaum.

29 · Frank, Simon L. Der Sinn des Lebens. Hrsg. von Dietrich Kegler.

28 · Pasquale, Gianluigi. The History of Salvation.

27 · Carone, Gabriela Roxana. La Notion de Dios en el "Timeo" de Platon. Segunda edición.