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The Internet Journal of the International Plato Society

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Reading the 'Statesman'.

Proceedings of the Third Symposium Platonicum, Bristol.
Edited by Christopher J. Rowe.
1995. 421 S. 49,00 Euro. 15,5 x 23 cm. Hardcover. 3-88345-634-9.
(International Plato Studies Bd. 4)

The Statesman or Politicus is relatively neglected in the modern literature and has usually been valued more for some of its parts then as a whole. The thirty or so papers in this volume (some with short responding comments) cover all its main aspects and, together with the substantial introduction by the editor, constitute a kind of composite commentary on the dialogue. The papers are divided into seven sections: I. Text; II. The Statesman and the Platonic Corpus; III. Forms; IV. Logic and method; V. Poitikê; VI. Plato and Historical Reality? VII. The Myth. The book will prove indispensable to anyone setting out in the future to study this particular dialogue. About half the papers are in English, nine in French, with the remainder in German, Italian and Spanish. Among the contributors are Charles Kahn, Yvon Lafrance, Walter Cavini, stephen Clark, Monique Dixsaut, Christopher Gill, Luc Brison and G.R.F. Ferrari.

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Natorp, Paul. Plato's Theory of Ideas. Edited with an introduction by Vasilis Politis. First English Translation by Vasilis Politis and John Connolly. Postscript by André Laks.

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